After a double curriculum in modern literature and cultural communication, Charlotte Mano joined the Gobelins school and graduated in 2017. While it apparently unfolds around several themes (the body, space, darkness), her work never ceases to question the image: its power of representation and its transparency, but also its own limits. There are memories, characters, landscapes, sensations, all translated into a toned-down, contemplative, somewhat nostalgic atmosphere. Her eclectic influences include nineteenth-century fantasy literature, contemporary Chinese symbolist and surrealist painting, and plastic artists such as Oscar Muñoz. Her practice is striking in that it delivers a promising and singular vision of photography that she never ceases to explore and question, moved by constant invention. Charlotte Mano continually experiments with all possible means, defying the image and its forms to make her photography unsettling. 

Represented by Galerie XII, Paris (Fr) & Art 22 Gallery, Brussels (Be)
Awarded by the HSBC prize for photography, 2020

Exhibitions & Artfairs

AIPAD artfair, 25-28 April, New York, (USA)

Collective exhibition "Quand la nuit se fait voir à la lumière", Galerie XII, Paris (Fr)
Photo London art fair, 11-14 May, London (UK)
Moderne art fair, Paris (Fr)
Moderne art fair, Paris (Fr)
Photo Basel  art fair, Basel (Ch)
Solo Show "Ravissement", june-september, Galerie XII, Paris (Fr)
Collective exhibition Jeune Création, Galerie de la Jeune Création, Romainville (Fr)
Twenty Century art fair, Brussels (Be)
Cercle de l'art, season one, Paris (Fr)
HSBC prize exhibition, Les Rencontres d’Arles, Arles (Fr)
Collective exhibition, Helsinki photo festival, Helsinki (Fi)
Solo Show, Art 22 Gallery, Bruxelles (Be)
1st Biennale d’Ostende, Ostende (Be)
HSBC prize exhibition, Cité Musicale de Metz, Metz (Fr)
Salon de la Jeune Création, Fondation Fiminco, Romainville (Fr)
Moderne Art Fair, Paris (Fr)
MIA Art Fair, Milan (It)
HSBC prize exhibition, Galerie Esther Woerdehoff, Paris (Fr)
Art Paris art fair, Grand Palais, Paris (Fr)
Collective exhibition "TROIS FEMMES. TROIS GÉNÉRATIONS. TROIS REGARDS", Galerie XII, Paris (Fr)
Collective exhibition, Athens photography festival, Athens (Gr)
Collective exhibition "Ressemblance garantie", Musée français de la photographie, Bièvres (Fr)
Art 22 Gallery, "summer show", Brussels (Be)
PhotoDoc, Paris (Fr)
Art'up, Lille (Fr)
Solo show at Le Château d'Eau, Toulouse (Fr) 
Solo show at Le Château d'Eau, Toulouse (Fr)
Meeting with emerging artists and curators, exhibitions in european institutions "Parallel european photo based platform", ORGANVIDA Festival,Zagreb(Cr)
Collective exhibition, Athens photo festival, Athens, (Gr)
Parallel photo platform Editions COSMOS, Les Rencontres d'Arles, Arles (Fr) 
Screening Triennial of photography, Hamburg (D)
Collective exhibition "Galerie Bertrand Grimont", Paris (Fr)
Collective exhibition "Derby QUAD" FORMAT Festival, Paris (Fr) 
Collective exhibition "La Bourse du Talent", Maison de la photographie de Lille,Lille(Fr) 
Festival of young european photography, Circulation(s), 104, Paris (Fr) 
Collective exhibition "La Bourse du Talent", Jury special prize, BnF, Paris (Fr)
Talk and performance about "unveil an image" "Les Grandes Rencontres", Salon de la photo, Paris (Fr)
Collective exhibition "Les Rencontres Photographiques du 10ème", Paris (Fr)
Collective exhibition and workshop "International Photo Festival inCadaqués", Cadaques (Es)
Collective exhibition "Les Rencontres d'Arles", Atelier Gaston de Luppé, Arles (Fr)
Screening "National identity", Festival les Boutographies, Montpellier (Fr)
Collective exhibition "HATSH young talents", espace commines, Paris (Fr)
Festival "Les Photographiques", Le Mans (Fr)
Collective exhibition "Kampala Art Biennale", Ouganda
Collective exhibition "Handicap en milieu professionnel", Hôtel Potocki, Paris (Fr)
Festival "Les Rencontres d’Arles" par la galerie Le Club des AD, Arles (Fr)
Collective exhibition "Promenades photographiques de Vendôme", Paris (Fr)
Collective exhibition "Atout France", Russie, France, Japon
Collective exhibition "Anne Valérie Hash", Musée de la dentelle de Calais (Fr)
Collective exhibition "Petites cités de Caractère, Sarthe", Le Mans (Fr)
Collective exhibition "Galerie le Lac gelé", Nîmes (Fr)
Collective exhibition "Animalités", Espace Boris Vian, Montpellier (Fr)
Collective exhibition "Carré d'art", Musée d'art contemporain de Nîmes (Fr)


Atelier Mondineu prize
Winner with Louise Honée of HSBC prize for photography
Shortlist, PHmuseum, Solo Exhibition category
Shortlist, Lenzburg Festival
Shortlist, "Prix BMW"
Special Jury Mention at "Bourse du Talent" 
Shortlist Lensculture
Shortlist "Fine Art Grant for Photography"

Public collections

HSBC, fonds photographique, 2020
Pôle photographique, Le Château d'eau, France, 2019
Musée français de la photographie, France, 2017, 2019
Artothèque d'Annecy, France, 2018
BNF, bibliothèque nationale de France, 2018

Other activities

Workshops about cyanotype technique at Ateliers Elzévir
Mentoring sessions about portfolios at Gobelins

Publication - press - online

Libération, France Culture, Ouest-France, Marie-Claire,ZineMag,Opendoors gallery, Yogurt Magazine, iGNANT,  Francefineart,  L'image par l'imageL'Oeil de la photographieTRACKSL'intervalle de Fabien RibéryFisheye magazine onlineCheese by KonbiniBird in Flight, GUP, Connaissance des arts...




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